Instead of resolutions, this year Leigh and I came up with our 11 for 11 – a list of the 11 specific, controllable, quantifiable things we want to accomplish in 2011.

Here were the rules (since we’re lawyers and all).  There is a very long list of three.

(1) Item SHALL have Boolean Attributes. This means that at 2359 on 31 December 2011, the item in question must be able to be given a True/False declaration.  This requires the item to be crafted such that it is definable, measurable, and specific.  Items such as “improve the quality of the services we deliver” are definitely out as they cannot be defined.  Items such as “give are clients great services” are definitely out as they cannot be measured.  You get the picture.

(2) Achievement of the item SHALL remain within the reasonable control of the declarant at all times. This means that items which are wholly out of control are not allowed.  Items such as “get invited to Davos, TED, and Clinton Global Initiative” are not within the control of the declarant at all and may not be on the list.   There is a qualifier on reasonable control wholly within the control of the declarant may require complete isolation – something us social beings can rarely achieve.

(3) Item SHALL not be overly materialistic. We wanted to track things that were fun and simple rather than list out how I want a new iPad.

You can follow the progress of the list over here!  I’ll be making small visual storytelling pages for each of the events which lend themselves to such an endeavor.  So, without further adieu: Our 11 for ’11:

  1. Buy Tickets for London Olympics
  2. One Night of Nothing but Music
  3. Create Tasting Menu w/ Seasonal & Local Products
  4. Ice Skate on a Frozen Pond
  5. Establish a Home Base
  6. Eat @ a Restaurant Owned by a Top Chef Winner
  7. Attend or Host a Wine Tasting
  8. Attend at least one Outdoor Concert
  9. Prepare an alfresco picnic by a stream
  10. Spend our anniversary together
  11. Spend an afternoon mushrooming

~ # ~