Today Somaliland is holding its Presidential elections. To understand the significance of this event, one must understand the road that it has taken the Somalilanders to get to this point. This election has been delayed for over two years. This entry contains a small background on the arguments that have been given by three men on the ballot.

Kulmiye colours by CharlesFred @ flickr

After discussing some of the background and the personas involved in the election, in this final installment I would like to discuss the arguments that have been raised by each of the three parties.

These are not that complex, so if they seem as if I’ve shortened innumerable hours of speeches by politicians into slogans blithely, let me respond that it is without blitheness and really all I’ve done is distilled the hours of speeches into their core by taking out all of the repetitive words and colorful adjectives which are used by the protagonists with the microphones.  I’ve also tried my best to take out the facial inaccuracies that I see within their arguments, such as this particular article (from the Kulmiye camp).

Why You Should Vote For UDUB (UDUB Version).

“We have kept the peace & development will come.”

Why You Should Vote *Against *Kulmiye (UDUB Version).

“They are terrorists.”

Why You Should Vote For Kulmiye (Kulmiye Version).

“We need change!”

Why You Should Vote *Against *UDUB (Kulmiye Version).

“They are terrorists, and have done nothing for the country.”

Why You Should Vote *For *UCID (UCID Version).

“We are the real change.  Here is what we will do for you [insert long list of unobtainables here].”

Why You Should Vote *Against *UCID (UDUB Kulmiye Version).

[blank] No one seems to make this argument. But when it is made, it goes: “They are terrorists.”

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