[![Happy Father's Day in advance to someone who may be mature enough to have children by age 62][2]][2]It is actually quite crazy to think that when my father was the age in which I currently find myself he had two sons (one 12 and one 9), and was on his third (or fourth?) house.  I, on the other hand, am childless, and property-less!  Although I must say very happily married.  So as I sit here in my house in Hargeisa and reflect upon the fact that I’m missing yet another holiday far away from my father and trying to justify why to myself, the only thing that makes sense is to put on some of my dad’s favorite songs.

[]: http://www.someecards.com/card/3071

With such a soundtrack for successful blogging, I would like to thank my dad for (via nature & nurture) imbuing in me a curiosity and an open-mindedness about the world that have led me along the crazy path I’ve lived so far.  And although it has driven us apart geographically (as Ballad of Billy the Kid comes on) and forced me to miss some of these days in person, I’m there with you in spirit.

I love you dad.

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