(Photo via: africaknows.com)

Like this guy, I’ve been up in the clouds lately.  Luckily our soy is beginning to fabricate.  Things are really coming along with all of my various bits and bobs.

On the one hand it has passed the time quickly in between when I saw Leigh last and when I will see her again (a week from tonight).  Yet, on the other hand, there’s been some disjunctiveness.

The source of so much of my inefficiency as a bad computing environment – top to bottom.  My laptop is getting old and now is a portable desktop which often shuts down whenever I’m least ready.  My internet for the past month has been virtually non-existent, and when the “virtually” modifier was operative, it wasn’t – at least steadily.  Further, I’ve been digging a bit deeper into my own technology usage in preparation for the Watershed Platforms launch.

As I’m wont to do, I have gone a bit overboard in some areas.  I always spread my net quite wide when I’m trying new things as I like to hone it down after being presented with the full buffet.  After I understand things and start to form opinions then I pare it down.  Music, blogs, whatever.  The only problem is that it takes a bunch of time.

Now my feet seem to be a bit under me.  I’ve transferred my own stuff over, first to an absolutely awful hosting company which frustrated the hell out of me, but now to a new one.  Problematically, I accidentally deleted the entire wordpress database in the process and so had to rebuild everything from scratch – so it basically took twice as long.  In any event, now expect regular dispatches.

The wind is up and I’m pretty much ready.

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