On the one hand I’m tired of the 2.0 lingo.  On the other hand I find it a useful (if geeky) shortcut for a mindset where technology is used collaboratively rather than in isolation.  The access points in the developing world are continuing to improve and this article really encapsulates well how I see the world.  As the access points continue to get cheaper, people int he developing world will be empowered to leverage technology to effectively create movements and other collective action that will be necessary to turn Africa (especially) around.

This could be frighteningly powerful force.  The question really is whether it will be used for good or for nefarious ends.  The most likely answer is both.  So then the question becomes a matter of filtering and turning up the volume on those voices which are speaking truth.  As technology continues to improve and the filtering/volume tools become more accessible and well-known then we could be on the brink of a revolution of mindsets across the world.

We saw a fundamental change in the way politics was conducted in the last US election.  iPhones mainstreamed social networking by putting the networks in our pockets which gave us continued access to them.  This brought the technology into real life and closed the gap between what I see on my computer screen and what I do or think in real life.  I continue to be amazed at what can be achieved and am extraordinarily optimistic about the coming decade and Africa’s ability to join the rest of the world who are innovating and progressing at stable but tangible rates.

Original article here.  My annotated reading below.


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