Last night we were drinking some wine.  I say this because my consumption of alcohol has decreased drastically over the past few years.  Living in a dry country helps!

Our new roommate was telling us this story about Lockerbee.  Steve, the new roommate, is a terribly interesting man to talk to.  In fact, it would be daunting talking to him if he wasn't such a genuine and normal human.  We see eye to eye on many of the problems around us and he is doing something quite remarkable.  He came here to S'land a few years ago and is now starting a dive business!

The synopsis of the story is that the US DIA and DEA were involved in this smuggling chain of drugs from Afghanistan through Iran and Syria and eventually to Europe.  Most of the drugs at that time were routed through Cyprus.  According to the story, the US wasn't actually smuggling things, but in return for CIA hostages in Lebanon being looked after by the criminal syndicates the syndicates were allowed to bring a certain amount of drugs into Europe.  The rest were confiscated by the DEA and the smugglers were paid for the drugs taken by the DEA.  Good usage of your tax dollars? 

Anyway after the Vicente shot down the Iranian airliner the Iranians got noticeably and reasonably upset and told Syria who told Hezbollah to smuggle a bomb onto the Pan-Am flight in retaliation.  The CIA somehow knew about this, as all their people who were leaving Frankfurt to come home for Christmas that year had previously been booked on the flight but then changed the day before to a TWA flight.  After the plane came down the Scottish policemen who were on scene were told to leave and go beyond some line while MI6 and the CIA took all the documents and papers.

At this point in the story it sounded just like a good spy novel, but then the guy who was DIA in Cypress and knew about the deal blew the whistle and was charged with treason.  Subsequently he fled to Sweden and got asylum.  The book he wrote was banned in the UK and the US.  No matter whether it is true, false or some combination, I'm going to read it.  Thanks to the internet, it can be found here if you are interested.

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